couple admiring petal drawing

Confetti Exhibition

Where do I even begin to describe the feeling of holding my debut solo exhibition? Having a solo exhibition is no small task and this one was 18 months in the making. Creating the artwork was almost the easy part. 

There were many sleepless nights and long days searching for the perfect venue as these were the largest pieces I had ever created and they needed a large space to compliment them. After looking around various venues including National Trust houses, I eventually decided on the amazing Worcester Cathedral. This was the perfect location for size and the gorgeous brick work made my artwork stand out beautifully.

artist with drawing of an iris petal

The exhibition itself was a fantastic few days with over 1000 visitors! With the help of family members, we transformed the three rooms I had hired into a garden themed wonderland with real trees, a wishing tree, garden benches, a swing and beanbags.

couple hanging flowers on a wishing tree
couple having photos on a swing
child on a bean bag

Alongside each piece in the series, I had created a series of short films which played on a loop for visitors to watch. There was also a colouring table filled with Derwent pencils for children and adults to have a go at colouring their own petals. 

family sat on garden bench watching a film
two women colouring with Derwent pencils

The moment I began drawing the Confetti series, I knew that I wanted the exhibition to stand out from ‘standard’ art exhibitions so decorating the space and making the whole event an experience was something very important to me. 

couple admiring a petunia night sky petal drawing
couple admiring a blue poppy petal drawing

Plans are well underway for my next solo exhibition which promises to be even bigger… lets see what the next 18 months bring!

group pose for photo in from of giant petal drawing
The Confetti hanging team!

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