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Meet the artist

Jess Pritchard, with the first in her new series 'Confetti'

Jess Pritchard is a self taught, multi-award winning pencil artist from the UK. From a young age she had a passion for both art and wildlife so naturally combined the two.

After studying Graphic Communication at University and a short career in Graphic Design, she realised that path wasn’t for her so dusted off the pencils and began her full-time artistic career in 2015.

‘I come to know the personality of each face I draw and transfer it onto the paper for all to see’

Jess favours the pencil to create all her pieces as it allows her to add in the small details that other mediums may struggle to accomplish. Most importantly, she loves to capture the depth and expression of an animal in the eyes, allowing viewers of her work to look deep into the soul of the being she has created on paper.

There is nothing better than waking up in the morning, sitting at the drawing board and creating something new that did not exist yesterday.

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Member of UK Coloured Pencils Society
Member of Wolverhampton Society of Artists
Member of UK Coloured Pencils Society
Member of The Wildlife Art Society International
Official Artist of Max out in the Lake District