Creating my Miniature Zoo!

Well that was a hot and busy summer here in Britain! Last year in 2017 I was here, there and everywhere at various shows and fairs and this year has been no exception.

After all the market research I gathered during 2017, I realised that in order to have a successful stall I needed to be selling work with a wide price range from cards at £2.00 to large originals priced at £350+. However, even though I was selling prints which came in the middle price bracket, I came to the conclusion that something was missing. I had a lot of people wanting to buy my original artwork but not everybody could afford the larger pieces so I came up with the idea of a Miniature Zoo.

Original drawing of a barn owl in flight

This idea worked really well for me as it meant I could produce up to five 4×4 inch drawings in a week to take to the shows or sell online via my website or social media. Taking part in so many shows over the summer doesn’t leave much time to draw large wildlife pieces or pet portraits so to be able to create lots of smaller pieces of art in between was a dream and allowed me to ‘quickly’ draw animals which have been on my list for some time.

I could never have imagined how popular my Miniature Zoo would be and as a few of my regular customers tell me, they make a lovely collectors item!

Original drawing of a puffin

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