Wildlife Artist Of The Year 2023

There have been lots of exciting developments recently, the biggest of which is having not 1 but 2 of my artworks accepted into this year’s Wildlife Artist of the Year competition.

Hear Me Roar featured on the door of the Mall Galleries, London

This prestigious exhibtion was open to the public at the Mall Galleries in central London from 12th to the 16th September 2023. I’m incredibly humbled to say that my artwork, “Hear Me Roar“, had been chosen as the hero piece for the exhibition. This means that it was prominently featured on all advertisements, including posters and the cover of the exhibition catalogue.

It’s an incredible honour to not only have my art represented but also help to raise conservation funds through this incredible event. To put the scale of the exhibition into perspective, over 1,500 artists from around the globe submitted their breathtaking creations, and I am thrilled to share that alongside “Hear Me Roar“, “Ghost”  had also been selected for this remarkable exhibition.

What makes this achievement even more special is the profound impact it has on wildlife conservation. The Wildlife Artist of the Year competition isn’t just about recognition—it’s about leveraging the power of art to make a tangible difference in our world. Through this event, we had already raised an astonishing £85,000 for the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, even before the official exhibition had opened.

This is certainly an experience I’ll never forget. Throughout my years as an artist, I’ve rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest talents from around the globe and to have my work hung alongside theirs at a gallery just next door to Buckingham Palace is a dream come true.

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