Fresh Art Fair

The Fresh Art Fair… the largest art fair I’ve been a part of to date! It is one of the UK’s biggest art fairs with some of the UK’s top galleries exhibiting works by their best artists.

This is a strictly gallery and artist cooperative only fair, no individual artists are allowed to exhibit. As I am part of the newly formed artist cooperative ‘One World Imagined’, myself and the other artists in this group (David Skidmore, Christine Dadd, Jordan Price & Valerie Briggs) were accepted and allowed to exhibit together.

It took 2 days to hang all our work in our allotted space but once completed, we had a stand that we were all proud of and matched the standard of the galleries surrounding us.

It was 3 very busy open days (plus an opening night) but it was fantastic to speak to so many who were interested in art and wildlife. Throughout the exhibition, we all came very accustomed to each others work in a way we never have before and able to explain each others techniques to interested parties. We also received lots of amazing feedback and were told by many that we had the best and highest quality stand!

In an additional twist, myself and our guest sculptor Martin Hayward-Harris had pieces of our work selected to feature on giant lamppost banners outside the fair!

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