Snow Photos!

It’s a long time since we’ve had a large amount of snowfall here in the West Midlands so it would have been an opportunity missed not to go out walking with my dog Costa to snap some photos.

Costa is only 2 years old so has never seen snow like it in his life and boy did he love it! Nothing seems to phase him, especially not the cold meaning he was happily running around catching snowballs and posing for photos wherever he was told to.

I’m very lucky to have a studio and share a home with my husband on the edge of the Worcestershire countryside meaning we didn’t have to walk far before we could see the white landscape stretching for miles.

When we came across Narnia...
When we came across Narnia…
In the middle of a wood, it was so magical!
In the middle of a wood, it was so magical!
Jess Pritchard - British Wildlife Artist
Obligatory snow photo
Costa Collie @costacollie Border Collie on a haybale in the UK Snow #uksnow
Costa posing on a hay bale
And posing again on a branch...
And posing again on a branch…
Cookley, Kidderminster, In the snow #UKSnow
Looking back towards home and my studio


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