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The Warrior - Preview image  British Wildlife Art
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The Warrior

The Warrior will be on display and for sale at the Mall Galleries in London from 14-24th October

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It’s difficult to think that such a small creature can be one of the worlds most poisonous animals but that’s exactly what the Southern blue-ringed octopus is… and you can see how it got it’s name. This amazing species resides on the south coast of Australia in rock pools with little to defend itself other than the strong venom it holds and when in danger, illuminates his blue rings as a warning sign to all those who pose a threat. This little animal truly is a warrior os the sea.

This original piece was drawn using Faber-Castell Polychromos Pencils on Stonehenge Fine Art 250gsm acid free paper.

Artwork size: 10x23.5 inches
Framed size: 17.5x31 inches